President Message


I was born in Lebanon and moved to Spain in 1972, Alicante was my first destination.

I started my working life in foreign trade and after 5 years I relocated to Barcelona and stayed there till 2004.

This lifespan (32 years) was an interesting period, my days in Spain were filled by progress over the years and even I becomes synonymous with Spain in the Middle East.

I owe a lot to Spain, in addition to the foreign affairs in business that I achieved I was able to form a family of three children (Alicia, Sergio & Bruno).

This experience made me a Bicultural person as I consider now both Spain and Lebanon my mother country.

Today I want to continue serving Lebanon & Spain that is why I co-founded the: “LSBC, Lebanese Spanish Business Council” I volunteered to be the President in order to make the best outcome for both countries.

From my experience I believe that in these two beautiful Mediterranean countries we can discover together a lot of synergies that would benefit both countries.

Thank you & Thanks to HE the Ambassador of Spain for his great collaboration.

Talal S Zahr
– President

Beirut – 3/6/2016